Digital Marketing & SEO Infographics

Digital Marketing & SEO Infographics

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Best SEO/SEM/SMM Infographics of 2014
Best SEO/SEM/SMM Infographics of 2014

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Connecticut Internet Marketing & SEO

I provide SEO and Google AdWords management to companies in Connecticut elsewhere.  Over ten years experience with e-commerce Internet Marketing, SEO and PPC for large and small businesses in Connecticut.

I research and construct SEO and PPC campaigns based on relevant keywords as well as track ROI via Google Analytics.  I will do my best to increase your accounts Quality Score so you sell more and pay less per click.

I will optimize your site to make sure it meets Google’s SEO ranking standards including optimization of titles, urls, header tags, meta descriptions, content and more.

Can work on a contract or temporary basis to deliver the results in the Google rankings you need.

Charge a reasonable rate to drive traffic to your site by focusing on competitor keyword research, local keywords and long tail keywords where you can rank the highest in the Google organic rankings.

Extensive experience with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn,Google+, Pinterest and Instagram so we can meet your social media goals and gain social customer traffic.

We focus on white hat SEO creating links on high authority domains with local citation directory link building as well as nich directory submission.

Send us an email for at with your proposals, wants and needs.