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Google Organic Traffic Infographics

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SEO & Google AdWords Certified Freelancer CT

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Google AdWords & SEO Consulting

Certified Google AdWords & SEO Consultant Connecticut

Searching for a professional, experienced, and dedicated Search Engine Optimization & Google AdWords Certified Manager?

I have over 13 years experience marketing websites profitably using Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords with $50k monthly budgets, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Blogging to increase Return On Investment (ROI) for companies small and mid-sized companies in the US.

My goal has always been to rank business websites as high in the Google search engine results pages as possible to deliver the most valuable and highly targeted visitor traffic as well as the lucrative long-tail keywords.

Successful at getting websites ranked on the first page of Google, my client’s websites have ranked within the top 3 spots and higher.  It can be done, but takes time and hard work. Approximately 70% of users who click on Google’s organic rankings click on one of the top 3 spots as those are deemed more credible by potential customers and are more likely to make a purchase.

Google uses between 500-600 Ranking Factors in determining where to position websites, so SEO is not easy or for the faint of heart.  Here is a great older infographic on the Top 200 Google Ranking Factors.  With Local Citation Submission, Responsive Mobile Design, Product Reviews & Testimonials, High-Quality Content, HTML Title Tagging and great content your Google Rankings will increase, your organic traffic will increase, you’ll see a higher conversion rate and an increased return on investment per visitor.

Can work to deliver the same results in Google AdWords which can put you in the top three positions very quickly.

I’m very experienced with Local Directory Citation creation which Google highly values but some companies charge outrageous amounts to implement.  I charge $60 per hour to drive traffic to your site by focusing on areas where you can rank the highest and I can also tell you where your competitors are succeeding with their own keywords and sources of traffic with numerous SEO competitive tools.

SEO results do not happen overnight, it does take time and patience, but after implementing the techniques that Google recommends, you will begin to see more of your pages in Google for more of your keywords and at a higher ranking than ever before. Your site will be SEO’ed to rank for the long run.

If you have been disappointed with SEO efforts in the past, I can perform an SEO audit to discover any errors or flaws in your website SEO.

I can create and re-purpose content for WordPress blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other social profiles so you can engage the ever-growing number of social media users and direct them back to your website.  Not every customer purchases on first glance, some need much more prodding in order for them to make their purchase decision.  Customers get caught in the funnel. The synergy between search, social and marketing greatly increases the chances of obtaining a buyer who will purchase from you.

I can assist you with on-site SEO to ensure your visitor traffic finds what they are looking for in the easiest and appealing way possible.  Everything on your website can potentially matter to consumers from title tags, header tags, photos to videos to reviews & testimonials to forms to capture your visitor’s information.  Many SEO experts focus only on external off-site SEO, but completely ignore the potential value of SEO-ing a website to the fullest.

2017 is the year where more surfers use their mobile device than their desktop. Also, reviews and testimonials are skyrocketing and have become vitally important in converting a visitor into a customer.  Google even has a rating system so you know it is important.  92% of users review customer reviews before making a purchase.  I call it the Amazon/eBay/Yelp phenomenon.

I not only do SEO consulting, I also do SEO tutoring and training so you can be enabled to perform your own SEO and not rely solely on any single SEO business, agency or consultant or any single source of web traffic for that matter.

Give me the opportunity to share my knowledge.  You can pick and choose which of our many services you want to proceed with first and expand from there.

For more information, please send me an email at